Dream IT Update: What an exciting spring!

Spring is here!  Although we just experienced a snowstorm, it's perfect timing for studying global climate change.

Our engineering projects are under way with our successful hurricane resistant towers.  Out of 32 groups only two towers collapsed and the winning tower reaching 44cm.  I also have to give a big shout-out to the lady engineers that built the winning tower.  Go girl power!

We are transitioning to 3D modeling including building an low-tech paper model of the GPM Satellite, a digital 3D model of the satellite using the Lego Digital Designer, and practicing with the Lego Chrome extension.  The students love using Tinkercad and I was curious to see if the Lego program was more intuitive for some of our Lego enthusiasts.  The tools are a fantastic way to have students experience how NASA engineers planned the assembly of the satellite.

We will be visiting the "Numbers in Nature" exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry to help kick off our steM experience.  I can't wait to see how they realize the Fibonacci spiral is in the hurricanes we have been studying.  In addition, we will be diving deep into data looking at how scientists utilize the help of citizen scientists when processing metadata, how data is collected, and analyzed.