Dream IT Update: May The Fourth Be With You

Mathematics has been as simple as counting down the days until summer break.  It has been as complicated as creating geodesic domes and looking at how Duolingo uses math to help people.

We're enjoying spring, looking at how mathematics fits in to the steM!  Domes have long been a part of our civilization.  We studied how architecture and engineering has been influenced by domes through David Macaulay's Building Big.  We explored tesselations and geodesic domes were a revolution in form and function.  Moving forward, we will look at the marvels of graphene and how Buckminster Fuller was a pioneer of geometry in science.  We'll dive deep into the world of data and metadata before the year is through.  

And lastly, 34 more days of attendance before summer.  Seems like enough time to get kids excited about the STEM they may encounter over the summer.  After all, it's so much a part of our everyday lives I hope they recognize and embrace it!