High School Night Reminders

HIGH SCHOOL INFORMATION NIGHT for 7th and 8th Grade Students

 Wednesday October 7, 2015 from 6:00-7:30pm- Coonley Elementary- Auditorium
  • Ms. Karsten, Coonley School Counselor will provide information about the 2015-16 High School Application Process and Programs.
  • A representative from SelectivePrep will be here to provide information about signing up for an intensive program to help prepare students for the Selective Enrollment Entrance Exam that will be offering 8 sessions at Coonley Elementary starting October 20, 2015 (at cost to parents).
  • Former Coonley students will discuss their experiences in different CPS high schools they are currently attending and give students an opportunity to ask some questions
  • Representatives from our neighborhood schools, Amundsen High School and Lake View High School, will be here to share information about their programs.
Tuesday October 13, 2015 from 5:00-7:00pm- At Lake View High School- 4015 N Ashland Ave
Coonley School, along with Bell, Blaine, Burley, and Audubon will be hosting a high school fair, which will include both CPS high schoolsand private high schools. The fair will be held at Lake View High School and in open format where parents and students will be able to get information from the high schools and ask questions of school representatives.
Feel free to contact Ms. Karsten at 773-534-5145 or Lrkarsten@cps.edu if you have any questions. 

Happy New Year! (School Year At Least)

Happy New School Year Everyone!

Just a couple of updates to get us started:

Open House will take place on Thursday September 17th from 6-7pm for classroom teachers and 6:30-7:30 for enrichment teachers.  The middle school open house will allow you to follow your child's normal Friday schedule to see how they transition classes and give you a chance to see each teacher.  We will discuss general classroom protocols with the homeroom teacher and content specific protocols with the teacher of that subject area.  The general schedule for Room 317 will be:

  • 6:00-6:10 Science in Room 317 with Ms. Lewin
  • 6:10-6:20 Social Studies in Room 216 with Ms. Smith
  • 6:20-6:40 Language Arts in Room 213 with Ms. Foreman
  • 6:40-7:00 Math in Room 312 with Ms. Schultz
  • 7:00-7:30 Enrichment Visits with various teachers (optional)

Welcome Packets went home last week on Tuesday, September 8th.  This year, families received one packet per family instead of multiple repeats of paperwork.  Please make sure to return the Emergency Forms, Income Forms, and Medical Forms.  Note that the income form is required to be returned, but you do not have to list your income.  You can fill in "N/A" on the form if you are concerned about privacy issues.  The forms are essential to our state funding.  Also, classrooms that have 100% of their Income Forms returned will receive a popsicle party!


Dream IT Update: May The Fourth Be With You

Mathematics has been as simple as counting down the days until summer break.  It has been as complicated as creating geodesic domes and looking at how Duolingo uses math to help people.

We're enjoying spring, looking at how mathematics fits in to the steM!  Domes have long been a part of our civilization.  We studied how architecture and engineering has been influenced by domes through David Macaulay's Building Big.  We explored tesselations and geodesic domes were a revolution in form and function.  Moving forward, we will look at the marvels of graphene and how Buckminster Fuller was a pioneer of geometry in science.  We'll dive deep into the world of data and metadata before the year is through.  

And lastly, 34 more days of attendance before summer.  Seems like enough time to get kids excited about the STEM they may encounter over the summer.  After all, it's so much a part of our everyday lives I hope they recognize and embrace it!

Dream IT Update: What an exciting spring!

Spring is here!  Although we just experienced a snowstorm, it's perfect timing for studying global climate change.

Our engineering projects are under way with our successful hurricane resistant towers.  Out of 32 groups only two towers collapsed and the winning tower reaching 44cm.  I also have to give a big shout-out to the lady engineers that built the winning tower.  Go girl power!

We are transitioning to 3D modeling including building an low-tech paper model of the GPM Satellite, a digital 3D model of the satellite using the Lego Digital Designer, and practicing with the Lego Chrome extension.  The students love using Tinkercad and I was curious to see if the Lego program was more intuitive for some of our Lego enthusiasts.  The tools are a fantastic way to have students experience how NASA engineers planned the assembly of the satellite.

We will be visiting the "Numbers in Nature" exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry to help kick off our steM experience.  I can't wait to see how they realize the Fibonacci spiral is in the hurricanes we have been studying.  In addition, we will be diving deep into data looking at how scientists utilize the help of citizen scientists when processing metadata, how data is collected, and analyzed.

Dream IT Update: Springing Ahead

It's hard to think we're already half way through the year!  We've been STEAM'ing ahead in class, given that it's hard to separate art from the STEM disciplines.  After spending Q1 on science fair and the nature of the science processes.  We transitioned into technology in Q2 with our focus on coding and NASA technologies related to the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission.

As we continue our journey into the home stretch, we will be exploring various ways engineering impacts our lives and how math is a part of science (Yes!  It really is!).  We look forward to sharing our next steps, and how we will tie it all back up together.