Master’S ShowCase

This showcase represents a variety of STEM-based work completed for the Michigan State University Master of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET). Rooted in creativity and Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge, these courses allowed me to push my thinking as an educator.

Three categories are highlighted below: Classroom Resources, Teacher Resources, and Design Thinking. These categories represent where most of my professional interests and accomplishments have been throughout my time in the MAET program. This work was completed during my last years in the classroom and the first couple of years as a project coordinator. Integration of technology into my classroom resources helped elevate content I was working on with students in a variety of ways. Resources for teachers and a community of sharing those resources was often a driver of content I created. Lastly, design thinking largely influenced my own professional development by strengthening an area of my pedagogy that needed improvement.

Classroom Resources

Maker Mindset Infographic

An infographic made through Piktochart to share with the community, but also to model for students a way to use an infographic to share data/communication in an eye-catching, creative way while being succinct. By sharing statistics in a pathway type form, I wanted students to have perspective about their role in the maker movement and why design thinking/critical thinking is essential for 21st Century learning.

Explain IT To Me Video

An informational video resource created while I was a Master Teacher for the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission. The goal was to create a short introduction video to share key highlights of how we could look at the mission from a STEM perspective. The idea was to hook students in as wonderers and problem solvers. This project allowed me to play with a variety of movie editing tools (transitions, narrative text, image placement) and practice creating video that conveys an effective message in a short amount of time.

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 10.39.21 AM.png

World of Wonder Presentation

A presentation created to mimic a criminal investigation which appeals to students inherent problem solving ability. This was an attempt to use the phenomenon of a cicada killer wasp caught in the act to engage students’ sense of wonder. The Prezi format was a dynamic way to present the visual material, but also give students an example of how Prezi can elevate their presentations in different ways as opposed to a PowerPoint or Google Slides. *Note: Original Prezi no longer accessible.

Teacher Resources

This I Believe Chapter

Part of a collection of educator mission statements, the focus of this work is to express a reflection of transformation after a year long learning project. Teaching is not an easy profession. It’s sometimes helpful to read about others’ experiences in order to know you’re not alone and there is power is collaborative learning. As educators, we are constantly reflecting on our practice in order to grow.

Roots of STEM Chapter

One part of a collection of STEM lessons compiled to create a set of shared resources for other educators. The lesson I chose focuses on medical ethics and incorporates a citizen science project to help students understand the implications of studying cancer and the race to find a cure. It combines cross curricular connections to language arts and social science, hands-on inquiry investigations, and citizen science work that uses technology to advance cancer research.

Teacher Resource Website for DIstrict 65

Created based on requests from teachers for a resource hub. Communication and dissemination in school districts is a notorious issue. With access to the G Suite through Google, it was easy to create a Google Site that contained resources that teachers needed access to. The site also serves as a place for collaboration, linking resources teachers can access and contribute to.

Design Thinking

Compass Prototype

A prototype created while exploring the Stanford d.School Design Thinking Bootleg. This was an exercise to go through the engineering design process in the context of a camping trip I was preparing for. Prototyping is essential for trying out design solutions and troubleshooting challenges before the user needs to rely on the product to work.

Disco Astroman

A motorized, spinning, disco ball of an astronaut keychain created to demonstrate how littleBits circuits can be used in a simple way to create a diorama box. By using only items found around my house/classroom, I attempted to make a low-tech display that was multi-functional. The video explains my step-by-step process.